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Operating ratchets on the Noel EDF Frame

How to use Noel EDF Casting Frame ratchets

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PSA for featuring Peter Gallagher

This is a public service announcement for a non-profit organization dedicated to the spreading the message of Early Treatment for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis with EDF Mehta Method casts. Visit the site for more information and also go to for Bexon's story (the child who is with Peter Gallagher at the end).

Mehta Casting for Early Onset Scoliosis

Dr. Peter Sturm, director of Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children's, discusses the Mehta casting treatment technique for early onset scoliosis. This casting technique is a non-surgical treatment for early onset scoliosis.

Mehta Cast Care

Mehta casting is a treatment for early onset scoliosis available in the Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Tina Deniro, RN, discusses what to expect during the Mehta cast procedure and how to care for the cast.

Tell Me a Story: Straightening Out Scoliosis

A mother's instinct told Courtney Strotman something was wrong with her baby. Her daughter, Addyson, was 4 weeks old when Courtney noticed the bump on her back. Courtney's husband, Brandon, tried to ease her fears, telling her it was just a muscle. But Courtney insisted it was something more. Five months later, doctors at Cincinnati Children's diagnosed Addyson with infantile scoliosis. An X-ray last November measured the curve in Addyson's spine at 26 degrees. Two months later, it had worsened to 42 degrees. The Strotmans' options were to do nothing and face the complications of spinal deformity, to put growing rods in Addyson's spine, or to try to correct the problem with a series of casts that their baby would wear for about a year. They decided on casting, a method that is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for early onset scoliosis. Orthopaedic surgeon Peter Sturm, MD, recently joined Cincinnati Children's and brought the Mehta casting technique to Cincinnati. "We can actually control curves and frequently get them better just with casting," Sturm says. "It's less invasive, and it works."

ISOP's Oxford Presentation

Private Cut - first take of presentation delivered at Oxford University, Christchurch College Sep. 9, 2011, Heather Hyatt, Founder, Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP), Presenter.

The Noel EDF Cast Frame is a required element in the Early Treatment corrective casting process for Progressive Infantile and Early Onset Scoliosis. If your hospital is interested in learning how to apply early treatment with Mehta casting please contact the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP)


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Noel Industries, Inc. warrants the structure, design and function of this product only if properly assembled and utilized for its intended purpose, which is to facilitate the Elongation De-Rotation Flexion Casting process. Noel Industries, Inc. cannot be responsible for treatment of patients or the application of this product by any treating physician and/or surgeon. It is recommended that specialists using the Noel EDF Cast Frame are trained and are otherwise familiar with the Elongation De-Rotation Flexion (EDF) casting process. The Noel EDF Cast Frame requires assembly; easy and detailed assembly instructions are included.

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