Infantile Scoliosis

The word scoliosis has its roots in the Greek language (skoliosis) meaning obliquity, bending.

Scoliosis is not simply a “curve” of the spine… it is a more complex, three-dimensional deformity that can be diagnosed in childhood. Progressive infantile scoliosis is a serious condition that can become life threatening if not treated properly. The abnormal twisting of the spine can cause abnormal thorax growth which is accompanied by decreased lung volumes in severe cases. There are also multiple visible issues including uneven shoulders/hips, spinal misalignment, forward neck bending, cosmetic deformities of the back and chest wall, and psychological distress.

Scoliosis in children is typically classified into three categories:

    1. Congenital scoliosis indicates structural issues of the spine and is present at birth.
    2. Infantile scoliosis is diagnosed from birth to three years old and is a nonstructural issue.  Many infantile cases are termed "idiopathic" (cause unknown).
    3. Neuromuscular scoliosis is developed as a secondary symptom of another condition, such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy.

Around 90 percent of infantile scoliosis cases cure themselves. The remaining 10 percent of children with progressive curves must be treated without delay. 

Early Treatment for Progressive Infantile and Early Onset Scoliosis

There are a variety of treatments for progressive infantile scoliosis, and include bracing and casting, halo gravity traction and an assortment of different distraction hardware procedures depending on the severity of the condition.

Dr. Mehta's Early Treatment (ET) Method of EDF (elongation, derotation, flexion) casting has been proven to permanently correct the spines of young patients, gently and permanently. ET consists of a series of EDF plaster of Paris casts (covered with a light layer of fiberglass) created on a specialized, pediatric sized, 3-dimensional casting frame. The Noel frame provides elongation through corrective traction and gives the surgeon the ability to effectively address derotation of spine and maintenance/correction of the patients lumbar lordosis via the flexion component. The corrective process is most effective during the child's rapid phase of growth from birth to 2 years old (24 centimeters), but recent studies reveal that Mehta casting is a superior delay tactic in buying valuable growth time for young scoliosis patients that missed their window at a permanent cure.

The ET approach was developed by UK spine specialist of Emeritus status, Min Mehta, MD., FRCS, and is the only clinically validated, non-surgical method that has the ability to completely resolve scoliosis in young patients. Dr. Mehta's ET Method is most effective when applied to infants and young children during their rapid phase of growth.

Dr. Mehta's specialized EDF casting cannot cure all spine curvatures, and some children may still require surgical intervention. However, there is a growing body of research to support ET and Mehta's EDF casting instead of surgery for many cases, because the risk of serious complications resulting from repeated and invasive surgeries is tremendous.

The Noel EDF Cast Frame is a required element in the Early Treatment corrective casting process for Progressive Infantile and Early Onset Scoliosis. If your hospital is interested in learning how to apply early treatment with Mehta casting please contact the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP)


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