Think Twice Before The Knife!

Orthopedic surgery is an effective, proven form of treatment for many spine disorders… but for infants and young children diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis and/or early onset scoliosis, the facts suggest otherwise.

Early diagnosis of the condition followed by Early Treatment with Dr. Mehta’s EDF (elongation, derotation, flexion) casting technique specialized for children provides the opportunity to spare thousands of children and their parents from the more common “wait and watch” approach, followed by risky, repeated and costly spinal surgeries.

Early treatment with Dr. Mehta’s specialized EDF casting is medically validated with multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and clinical studies. It requires the supervision of a pediatric, orthopedic surgeon and a hospital willing to make the modest investment in a pediatric EDF casting frame. Because of its durable, medical-grade construction, precise grading and flexible features, the Noel EDF Casting Frame is the choice of leading hospitals and medical professionals globally and in the U.S.

For Parents and Families

Learn about the various treatment options for infantile scoliosis, read about Early Treatment with EDF casting as a proven alternative to invasive surgery.

For Orthopedic Surgeons

Browse peer-reviewed research and clinical studies, read patient case studies and learn how to integrate EDF casting into your practice for superior patient outcomes.

For Hospitals

Learn how to cost-effectively add EDF casting to your service mix, identify current billing/insurance codes and find out why the Noel EDF Casting Frame is a proven, safe and durable choice for your hospital.

The Noel EDF Cast Frame is a required element in the Early Treatment corrective casting process for Progressive Infantile and Early Onset Scoliosis. If your hospital is interested in learning how to apply early treatment with Mehta casting please contact the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP)


Fancastic Friends LogoYour child has a friend on his or her scoliosis journey! Fancastic Friends are teddy bears with Mehta casts just like your child. We also put casts on your child's favorite toy!


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Noel Cooling VestBeat the heat with a cooling vest specially designed for children with scoliosis!


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 Adjustable Safety Bed & Headrest Now Available for Casting Frames!


  • The adjustable safety bed eliminates potential hazards associated with repeated transfers of an anesthetized patient from prep bed to casting frame


  • Cast prep, vital monitoring, and cast trimming can be done on the adjustable bed


  • Transforms to existing Noel EDF Casting Frame

  • Cost savings by lowering overall risk, reducing staff needs and space requirements


  • Headrest provides soft support


Order Your Adjustable Safety Bed and Headrest Today, Call Heather at 720-633-2278



Noel Industries, Inc. warrants the structure, design and function of this product only if properly assembled and utilized for its intended purpose, which is to facilitate the Elongation De-Rotation Flexion Casting process. Noel Industries, Inc. cannot be responsible for treatment of patients or the application of this product by any treating physician and/or surgeon. It is recommended that specialists using the Noel EDF Cast Frame are trained and are otherwise familiar with the Elongation De-Rotation Flexion (EDF) casting process. The Noel EDF Cast Frame requires assembly; easy and detailed assembly instructions are included.

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